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Why Should Property Managers Use a Junk Removal Company?

Are you in property management?  If so, one of your biggest headaches is probably move-outs.  We all know that renters often treat homes and apartments a little…should we say…less responsibly than they would a home they own.  Many property managers go into apartments or homes that have been vacated to find not only that the renters did not do them the courtesy of cleaning, but that they’ve also left piles of junk behind.

Before the unit can be rented again, all of that junk needs to be cleaned up.  That job often falls to you or to someone on your staff who would probably much rather be performing other tasks.  What many property managers never consider is hiring a professional to clean out the junk for them.  While they immediately think of electricians to handle non-working light switches or plumbers to deal with plugged pipes, they typically don’t think of bringing in a professional removal company to haul away junk.

There are numerous benefits to hiring this type of service out instead of doing it yourself.  Here are just a few of them:

They have the expertise you don’t
As a property manager, you are an expert in many fields.  One of those fields is most likely NOT the proper removal of electronics, recycling material or major appliances.  Not disposing of these items properly can be cumbersome, dangerous or even illegal and is best left to the experts.

You can focus on other tasks
When you have a professional cleaning out units, you can focus on marketing, attracting new renters, customer service and building your property management business instead of spending valuable time on clean-up duty.

You can get in new renters more quickly
Do you find that units often sit unrented longer than they should because they haven’t been cleaned out yet?  Many property managers are losing money because they are sitting on empty units, just waiting to free up some staff to clean them out so they can be rented again.  When you work with a professional, they can be in and out quickly, enabling you to rent sooner.

You can have peace of mind it is being done correctly
When you work with a professional, you know that everything that is being removed is either being recycled or disposed of correctly.  You no longer have to worry that junk is sitting in a landfill or that toxic chemicals from electronics are sinking into groundwater.

Property managers have difficult jobs that include endless lists of tasks.  Check one of those to-dos off your list forever by hiring a professional junk removal company to help you with all of your property move-outs.  You’ll gain time and peace of mind while ensuring your business runs more smoothly in the process.

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