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Computer & Electronics

Recycling Computer & Electronics

  • Computer hardware of “any type”
  • Desktops, Laptops, Servers & Blade Chassis
  • Telecommunications hardware racks & cabling
  • Cabling “All Types”
  • Routers, Hubs & Switches, Printers
  • UPS Power Supplies
  • Data Center cabinets & racks
  • Copier & Printer Recycling
  • Audio & Video Equipment
  • Medical Machines & Products
  • Dental Machines & Chairs
  • Veterinary Machines

Secure Data Destruction: Covering The Bases

Your company’s old technology can be a significant security risk and a hazard for the environment. When technology ends up in the wrong hands or is disposed of in the wrong way, it can cost companies. Electronically stored data is subject to complicated HIPAA/HITECH, FACTA, SOX, GLB, and FERPA regulations that can make responsible disposal difficult. That’s why Recycle Tech Services & Throw Out The Junk handles compliance and environmental responsibility for you, delivering peace of mind.

With Recycle Tech Services & Throw Out The Junk as your trusted partner, you get:
• Conformance with U.S. Department of Defense data destruction standards
• DoD 5220.22-M
• NIST 800-88
• Support of all types of hard drive subsystems: IDE, SCSI, ATA, Fibre Channel, SATA, and SAS
• Detailed reporting and chain of custody options

Data Destruction and Sanitization Methods

Off-Site Physical Destruction
Recycle Tech Services & Throw Out The Junk can physically crush drives and storage media, rendering them useless and unrecoverable. We will then recycle drive components in an environmentally responsible manner. Recycle Tech Services & Throw Out The Junk can also provide secure transport to our facility and provide physical destruction in our recycling locations.

Degaussing is a process where hard drives and tapes are exposed to a powerful alternating magnetic field, which renders the erased information unrecoverable. Recycle Tech Services uses an approved degausser.